Bookings are now being taken for the meeting on 2nd May.

Drivers MUST book in, you will not be able to just turn up on the day.

To book in, you must have a Full Licence (no day licences available for Closed Meetings - sorry). Licences must be bought and paid for before the race date.

1. Go to

2. Enter all the personal details required

3. Select the date of the meeting from the drop down menu

4. Enter Race Number and select Formula

5. Tick boxes to confirm COVID details

6. Click 'Complete Booking and Pay' which takes you to our shop

7. Click 2nd May tickets and select the number of additional team members you want to bring with you.

8. Check out and pay.

9. You will receive a confirmation email.

Please note that additional team members (max driver plus 5) must arrive in the tow vehicle with you. No additional / separate vehicles are allowed.

If you have any questions, pop us an email or call us on 07500917450 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm only)

  • Last Updated: 26/04/2021 12:08
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