This weekend will see our Open Scottish championships here at Crimond raceway.

We use the Bechronise/Identisports transponder system at all our race meetings and all Crimond domestic formula’s  must use them “IE”, Saloonstox, Hot saloons, RGS, Lady Bangers & All Banger formula’s.

Transponders can be bought from the track shop or can be hired for this weekend for a special “Two day for the price of one deal” of £10. A driver may use another driver’s transponder but MUST go to the track shop and re-register it to their race number. This will cost the driver £15 for this weekend meeting & future race meetings. A transponder cannot be swapped around between driver’s/races at the same meeting, once registered at the start of a meeting it cannot be changed again at that meeting.

A car competing in a race with NO transponder or the transponder has not been re-registered to the correct driver, will be removed from that race result and will NOT be permitted to race again at that meeting until they have a correctly registered transponder fitted.


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