It's action all the way as Stock car and Banger action resumes at Crimond Raceway this Sunday.

Top of the bill this week are the National Saloons who join us for the last time in 2019 with a welcome onflux of SSCA cars to bolster the grid with 13 cars booked in at the time of writing. Brother and sister 8 Holly and 38 Barry Glen are due to join us once again along with 3 sets of Father and son's in 5 Tam and 9 Thomas Rutherford, 95 Peter and 96 Jordan Marioni and 76 Lewis and 78 Westley Mclean. National Series competitor 600 Barry Russell is due to make a welcome return along with, regular at National meetings, 670 Ross Watters.

The Micro F2s this week are sponsored by Team Gemmell who's drivers 253 Ethan Jack and 754 Finlay will once again be racing, quite literally, on their doorstep. 306 Oliver Heron is our only long distance visitor this week whilst namesake 480 Oliver Sime returns after a successful debut 2 weeks ago.

Onto the ORCi Minis and we will see new National Champion 629 Taylor Borthwick racing with the Gold Stripes while 612 Jay Paterson 'should' be with us if he can avoid wrecking the car at Cowdenbeath for a change!?! 128 Ciaran Adams has been ever present in 2019 while our local drivers 050 Ross Lawrence and 165 Jamie Dawson will be hoping to keep the Sye Morrison sheild at Crimond for a 3rd season after 102 Christopher Cartmel and 074 Jamie Sangster won in 2017 ans 2018 respectively. The shield will got to the top scorer in heats 1 and 2 with the final only counting if a tie break is required.

The Hot Saloons track championship has already been sealed with 84 Dave Largue retaining the silver number fin for another year. 41 Charlie Boast and 51 Kevin Gordon are both due back after a lengthy absence since the 1st meeting of the season when they ended up in a huge crash on turn 1  writing off the 41 machine. They'll be hoping to avoid any repeat performance today! 30 John Buchan is due to continue using the ex Mark Farquhar machine while 43 Mark Forbes will be looking to consolidate his 2nd place in the Championship.

We continue to see healthy grids of Road Goings in 2019 with 9 cars expected this weekend. 66 David Barrack is the form man at the moment and took the Scottish Open last time out. In the Track Championship, 81 Edwin Middleton has stretched his lead to 27 pts from 86 Greg Bruce who is now 16 pts ahead of 99 Martin Philip in 3rd with 96 Les Cook only 7pts behind that. So whilst the gaps have increased for the first time, all 4 drivers can still win the Championship if bad luck were to befall those above.

BriSCA FII's join us having battled for their World Championship at Buxton last weekend. #7 Gordon Moodie showed everyone a clean pair of heels after a lightningly quick start to retain Gold. Our own 854 Robbie Dawson was up to 6th at one point before brake issues saw him fall back to a very creditable 9th place finish. 419 Ryan Farquhar was also racing at Buxton and, although saw more than  his fair share of bad luck and crashes, he hardly missed a race and picked up a few points along the way too which is no mean feat on a strange track with over 70 other F2's in attandance.

Lastly, the Big Bangers return after a month off with 245 Zak Murdoch and 222 Colin Riddell tied at the top of the points on 52 and 211 Bruce Panton  and 285 Ross Cumming are tied for 3rd on 32. 230 Scott Paterson will be hoping to have more luck than he did in the Micro Bangers and, indeed, he came home in a fantastic 2nd place in the Unlimited Bangers World of Shale last weekend at Kings Lynn, having raced at Eastbourne the Wednesday before!

Don't forget we're back on the 29th September for the 1st of 3 Sundays on a row as we see the season out in style. 

Micro F2
5 Connor St Aubyn
23 Chris Davidson
29 Aiden Davidson
44 Max Todd
57 Calvin Gemmell
70 Cole Ramsay
71 Lennon Cuthill
209 Lyla Lovett
239 Mark Arthur
253 Ethan Jack Gemmell
265 Lilly-Ann Gordon
306 Oliver Heron
309 Freya Lovett
321 Billie Summer Glen
339 Rhys Kelly
671 James Russell
694 Zara Hutchinson
754 Finlay Gemmell
818 Kara Russell
858 Rhys Anderson
874 Ben Mclellan

ORCi Ministox

28 Mirran Adams
42 Michael Gordon
43 Jodie Gordon
50 Ross Lawrence
65 Alicia Bremner
66 Emma Maver
67 Melissa Maver
111 Koddi Wright
128 Ciaran Adams
136 Charlie Henry
165 Jamie Dawson
174 Logan Tweedie
178 Scott Allardyce
612 Jay Paterson
629 Taylor Borthwick
655 Jodi Arthur
682 Max Walker
684 Robbie Armit


National Saloons

5 Tam Rutherford
8 Holly Glen
9 Thomas Rutherford
38 Barry Glen
59 Graeme Smith
76 Westley Mclean
78 Lewis Mclean
95 Peter Marioni
96 Jordan Marioni
551 Mark Mathers
600 Barry Russell
667 Johnny Wood
670 Ross Watters


Hot Saloons


Atholl Whyte
30 John Buchan
36 Euan Faithfull
41 Charlie Boast
43 Mark Forbes
51 Kevin Gordon
67 Cat Murray



31 Darren Wyness
40 Paul Lovett
81 Edwin Middleton
86 Greg Bruce
92 Andrew Emslie
96 Les Cook
97 Ryan Cook
99 Martin Philip



387 Jason McDonald
419 Ryan Farquhar
854 Robbie Dawson


Big Bangers

229 Sean Riddell
230 Scott Paterson
15/09/2019 12.30pm 
1 BriSCA FII Heat 1
2 ORCi Ministox Heat 1
3 Micro F2 Race 1
4 National Saloons Heat 1
5 Hot Saloons Race 1
6 RGS Race 1
7 Big Bangers Race 1
8 BriSCA FII Heat 2
9 ORCi Ministox Heat 2
10 Micro F2 Race 2
11 National Saloons Heat 2
12 Hot Saloons Race 2
13 RGS Race 2
14 Big Bangers Race 2
15 BriSCA FII Final
16 ORCi Ministox Final
17 Micro F2 Race 3
18 National Saloons Final
19 Hot Saloons Race 3
20 RGS Race 3
22 Big Bangers Race 3

Adults - £10, Concession - £8

Accompanied Children - FREE

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