Following the AGM held on Sunday 5th December, CSC Promotions Ltd would like to announce the following changes;

A vote was taken to update the constitution of CSC Promotions Ltd from the format of 11 elected committee members to a Board of Directors and a Board of Control.  The Board of Directors will oversee the day to day running of the business and the Board of Control will be convened as required to discuss punishments, respond to driver appeals and discuss any potential changes to rules.

The Board of Directors comprises the existing Directors of the business and those who hold Office Bearer responsibilities

Bill Barrack - Chairperson
Kelly Cartmel - Vice Chair/Secretary
Bob Davidson - Chief Scrutineer
Chris Cartmel - Treasurer/Grading Officer
Carol McKenzie - Non-Executive Director
Mike Gordon - Non-Executive Director
Jim Riddell - Non-Executive Director

Drivers representatives and members of the Board of Control were elected as follows;
Saloonstox - Peter Low
Hot Saloons -Mark Forbes
Bangers - Sean Riddell
Ladies Bangers - Cat Murray
Brisca F2 - Scott Paterson
Ministox - unfilled (any parent of a 2022 Crimond registered Ministox driver can contact Bill to put themselves forward for this position)

Rule changes were proposed and voted for each of the Crimond formula, full details and rules will be published on our website in due course, a brief overview follows;
Saloonstox - 14 inch tyres will be introduced from the start of the season (A drive or Blue Earth ONLY)
Hot Saloons - no changes
Bangers - National Unlimited Bangers (Munster Weekend), National Micro Bangers (Open Scottish Weekend), other dates/type of banger will be released in the fixture list
Ladies Bangers - the rules will be reviewed and clarified following the January meeting of the board to discuss racing engines

Dinner and Dance rescheduled following Storm Arwen to Saturday 5 February 2022, limited tickets remain available, full refunds can be given to anyone unable to make the rescheduled date, contact Carol Mckenzie for ticket queries.

Licence forms are now available online. Up to 2 mechanics can be paid for an added to your licence (£45 each) [Ministox already have 1 added, so may only purchase 1 additional].  Discount available for licences purchased before 31 December 2021.

A full fixture list will be published in late January following confirmation of major championship dates, Brisca F2 dates, etc.

CSC Promotions Ltd.

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