Our Race Meeting on Sunday 2nd May 2021 is behind closed doors. SORRY STRICTLY NO SPECTATORS PERMITTED.
Gates Open at 10am. If you arrive before 10am, please wait at the Pod to be checked in.

You and your race team must arrive together in the same vehicle, no additional vehicles are permitted to enter the Raceway or it's surroundings.

Please follow the instructions from Raceway Staff and ensure 2 metres between tow vehicles parked in the pits. Face Coverings are mandatory, no exceptions.

There is no practice available at Closed Meetings - sorry.

Mandatory Drivers Meeting at the Pit Gate at 1215pm, please bring your raceceiver with you as they will be tested. Raceceivers are compulsory for all classes except Bangers.

Transponders are compulsory in all classes except Micro Stock Cars.

First Race 1230pm

Race Order

  1. ORCi Ministox W+Y
  2. Micro Stock Cars
  3. Saloonstox
  4. ORCi Ministox Heat 1
  5. Lady Bangers
  6. Hot Saloons
  7. Bangers
  8. Micro Stock Cars
  9. Saloonstox
  10. ORCi Ministox Heat 2
  11. Lady Bangers
  12. Hot Saloons
  13. Bangers
  14. Micro Stock Cars
  15. Saloonstox
  16. ORCi Ministox Final
  17. Lady Bangers
  18. Hot Saloons
  19. Bangers

Please make sure you abide by COVID rules at all times.

CSC Promotions wish all Race Teams a safe trip and we hope you enjoy your racing.

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