Crimond raceway statement on the 2020 season

Since the lock down started in March 2020 we have been monitoring the ongoing situation with the Covid 19 Corona virus and been kept updated by the ORCi on any possible changes to allow a return to any form of racing.

There has been a different approach by the English and Scottish Governments on lifting current restrictions with the Scottish Government being the more cautious resulting in conflicting decisions being made. 

Recent lifting of some restrictions have allowed practice type events to be held but with no spectators. Some race meetings in England have now been trialed with spectators but with restrictions on spectator numbers and movements at the race meetings and with all spectator/driver entries to be pre-booked and paid for on line. 

With all the recent changes a Crimond raceway committee meeting was held on Sunday 19th July to discuss the way forward for the remainder of the 2020 season.

After looking at all the current restrictions still in place and the possible timeline for the lifting of the remaining restrictions, a vote was taken on how we proceed in 2020. The decision was to “NOT” hold any more practice or race meetings for the remainder of the 2020 Crimond raceway season.

The decision was passed on a majority vote.

No doubt this decision will be disappointing to many drivers & spectators but the majority of the committee felt it was the right thing to do till this Covid 19 virus situation has been resolved or brought under control and we can return to some sort of normal life, hopefully by March 2021!

2020 is the clubs 50th year and events were organised to help celebrate this but the health and safety of all who attend our race meetings must come first so they will be put on hold till next year when, hopefully, we can celebrate our 50 + 1 anniversary.

Crimond formula Orci licenced drivers, who have not raced or practiced on their 2020 licence, have the following options. 

1. Return your unused licence in exchange for a credit note which entitles the named driver (only) to a free 2021 Crimond licence. 
2. Return your unused licence for a refund. Refunds can be made via PayPal or bank transfer only. 
3. Retain your 2020 licence and allow the Club to use your 2020 fee to help safeguard the future of continued racing at Crimond Raceway.

To apply for a credit note or refund, post your licence to CSC Promotions, West Clackriach, MAUD AB42 4NS with a note stating your preference for a Credit Note or refund. If you require a refund, please provide your PayPal email address or your Bank Details that you want the refund to be paid into. If you require the Credit Note, remember to include your postal address.

Applications will be processed within 30 days, please do not enquire about payment until 30 days has passed.

Applications must include your unused 2020 licence. Licences that have been stamped for attending any track or licences that have been lost will not be refunded nor will a credit note be issued.

Any person who has purchased a 2020 season pass, please contact the club at the “E” mail address below. 

Any additional queries can be made by emailing

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